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Davis Typewriter Works in action!

Click here to see our latest workshop project.  This is a machine you don't normally find in the United States, so we're happy to have it and show it to you.  It is broken - that's why it's at DTW - but don't you worry.

2008-06-12 03:44:54 GMT
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I have a working Consul 224 with removable carriage, in original case. Has ribbon, needs new one. I understand it is rare. Approximately what is a machine like this worth, as I am interested in selling?
2008-09-24 13:29:42 GMT
Regarding the Consul 224, email address carolroque6@msn.com thank you.
2008-09-24 15:14:40 GMT
Hello Davis Familly
This is in reference to the Underwood Typewritter gallery,I looked at the models and the only similar is the no.3 and did not see the no.2 I suspect I have a no.2 model would you have picture of this model? My apologies on my subject bieng irrelevant on current blog

2008-10-01 01:12:39 GMT