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Entry for July 19, 2007

Just added a totally new page, linked from the Oliver Gallery on my Antique Typewriters site.  It contains information from an Oliver Typewriter Co. sales catalog, whose contents I've never seen or read before.  Think you know everything about the Oliver?  Check out this page and see if that's true.  Oh -- and how about this -- did you know that the Oliver was the first typewriter made to type in Esperanto, the then-new "Universal Language?"  Well, it's true!

2007-07-20 01:52:10 GMT
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do you have an opinion on which Underwood is the best?
2007-09-05 19:15:41 GMT
Hello, I cannot find your contact info on your site, so I figured I would just contact you here. I have a Olivetti-Underwood Studio 44, but the back plate was gone when I bought it, so could you tell me what year(s) this typewriter was produced?

-Adam Trunoske

2007-10-07 00:04:11 GMT