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Entry for May 31, 2007

Man, are we busy around here typewriter-wise!  I've had new articles or additions to articles about every day for a week and today's no different.  We got to work in the shop - and the MONARCH No. 3 from last year made its reappearance!


2007-06-01 01:34:49 GMT
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Hey, I must say - I love this page so much.

I see the typewriters lining the wall of my living room and am glad someone else is out there.

You have a great thing going here, and are close to having an idea that I had years ago and I was wondering what you thought of it -

You have all there serial numbers of the typers next to all of them correct?

The idea was to actually start a registry of typewriter serial numbers and stories, or small profiles about their owners, then in the years to come - people can type the serial number in online and be able to research it's previous owners.

The idea came to me when I was repairing one of my Underwood Leaders. I took off the back and on the inside I found smudged black fingerprints from the ink, from the fingers of a previous user.

I want to know not only the history of the machines I have, but also the history of the users behind this.

Sound like a good idea?

I can easily contribute ten serial numbers from this room alone.
--Jason Kirin
2007-06-28 17:33:11 GMT
hey there...i actually stumbled here because I came across an old typewriter of my nan's and she wants to learn about it. After checking this site...I have an Adler Favorit...i think from 1938. Any more info on it would be appreciated...who made it, how to clean it up, how much it might be worth...I think she wants to keep it out as a conversation piece. Again any help on it would be great. It is in perfect condition except for a little dust! Thanks! Clucker
2007-07-01 20:14:03 GMT
I'm looking for a new home for a Royal Diana portable typewriter with original leather carrying case and owners manual. Gray color says made in Holland. DTE 115088 on bottom. Would like more info. Can send pictures too if had an email address.

Thank you
2007-07-19 19:56:06 GMT
re: Royal Diana typewriter
please send inquires to

2007-07-19 21:58:39 GMT