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Entry for May 30, 2007
New pages today on my Antique Typewriters site:  First, a page on the machines built in Germany by the Kuhrt family, comprising several makes over many years - all the groundwork on this one was done by Thomas Fuertig.  Also, Noiseless machines have never really gotten any coverage on any of my sites, but we correct that today with a brief nod to these machines including a nifty sales brochure and a selection of machines in timeline fashion.
2007-05-31 03:00:29 GMT
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I have beenn surfing numerous sites but hav enot been anle to find another email address or the type of typewriter that I own. Could someone please let me know a bit of the history, I have not yet taken a photo but will do so if you require this. It is a portable typwriter Branded a Commodore But has manufacturer name on the front of the machine RHEINMETALL-BORSIG-A.G Sommererda/Thur it was purchased in Melbourne Australia around the mid 1960's as a second hand machine and even though it has not been used for 25 years it still works well. Can anyone enlighten me if this was a very common brand or is it a rarety. Also my husband was a typewriter tech in his youth and wondered about a service manual does one exist. hope someone can help me or direct me to a more appropriate site or person.Look forward to a response
--Marianne Reardon
2007-06-03 05:30:30 GMT