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European Typewriter Site: Statistics
I just checked the site stats for the European Typewriter Project web pages, and compared them to those of my other two long-established websites.  Briefly, the peak page views of the index pages of the sites are as follows:  Portable Typewriter Reference Site, 793 page views in March 2006; Antique Typewriters by Will Davis, 569 page views in November 2005; European Typewriters (index) 542 page views in May 2006.  It looks as if this site, which is very much newer than the others, is at least in peak page views holding its own.  Perhaps my judgement was too harsh; perhaps the lack of public buzz about the site is because the viewers (and those are discrete or "unique" page view totals there folks) are still trying to take it all in.  I'm less concerned now.
2006-06-30 01:44:28 GMT