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May 9, 2007: It continues!
Ed Neuert has related to me that his discovery of the information on the Moyer / Blick-Bar happened while he was researching something quite different.  That just happened to ME, too!  In what appears to be a continuation of the recent spurt of activity, I've discovered that the Powerhouse Museum, Sydney, Australia not only appears to have a collection of typewriters but also has some rare ones.  The machine that really got my attention is a FEDERAL, which you can see mentioned on my site page concerning Visigraph / Federal machines.  One isn't shown there because, so far as I know, nobody has one.  THIS MUSEUM DOES, though, and I've contacted them, as well as the usual cadre of experts.  We'll see what happens.  Boy, from famine to feast around here, typewriter-wise in just a week or so!
2007-05-09 21:03:09 GMT