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May 6, 2007: Keychopping becoming MORE annoying, if you can believe it

I just completed a search of e-Bay not too long ago, and am rather annoyed.  I found THREE pretty desirable machines that had been chopped.  One, here in the USA, was a Harris Visible.  Now, that's not what some people would call a RARE machine but it IS desirable to very many.  It's one of those odd, or "off brand" machines that is that first step up in collecting beyond 'common' that many people aspire to.  Worse, and in Germany to boot, are the keys (again already removed) from what was a good-looking later model Ideal standard machine, and a really really good looking Continental standard.  Yes, the "clever" seller put up shots of those two machines before chopping just so we could see where they came from.  Thanks, you moron!  It's good to see that even the overseas sellers have realized what idiots we are here in the USA, and that we buy kitschy, crappy pseudo-retro pop-culture objects with absolutely no intrinsic value (once removed from the original setting.)  Gee, what's next?  Will we see maybe old cylinder-type phonograph records mounted on the ends of sticks to use as retro-style walking hand weights?  God knows that the only thing here we buy more than "me me me" things is Twinkies and Ho-Ho's, even though we still would like to be non-harpoonable come swimsuit season.  Maybe you could combine those hand weights with a typewriter key bracelet that says "think thin" or something. 

How long before they start taking the de-keyed typewriter carcasses and painting flowers all over 'em and turning 'em into planters?  Why haven't they thought of that?  Oh, I know -- it's because there's much less PROFIT in that.  Hey, get an "ol' banger" (OH MY GOD I HATE THAT PHRASE) at a garage sale for five bucks, take ten minutes to snip off the keys (they just pull right off the Harris, so that probably wasn't even ten) and then make a MASSIVE profit on e-Bay.  The only other thing ya gotta do is haul the typewriter itself out to the curb.   Because, you know, we sure do love money -- and EASY money -- about as much as we like STUFF and FOOD.  Well, what else is there in life?  Huh?  Oh, yeah -- that.   Well, I can't talk about THAT here.  After all, this is a family-oriented blog .. sort of .. no need to decribe how the family grows.  But you can't sell that on e-Bay, at least not yet.

Jazz musician Pat Metheny said it best during an interview on NPR:  We are witnessing the deterioration of everything aesthetic in our society, from art to music and all forms of entertainment; it's the lowering, the reduction, of all things aesthetic to the lowest common denominator.  Or, more simply, to quote Rush Limbaugh, it's the "dumbening of America."  And it's well underway!  So, then, to all of you who are actively participating in it, thanks a whole hell of a lot!

To all those who are NOT, and also to those who, like myself, fight against it every day -- THANK YOU.  Let's hope that one day everyone gets tired of garbage music and art and entertainment that more shocks than enlightens, more fills time than develops memories or stimulates imagination.  And, let's hope that hobbies that develop minds and futures win out over simply burning time doing nothing.

2007-05-06 23:10:58 GMT