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Entry for December 10, 2006
Made a major addition to the Online Typewriter Repair Manual today, with a section introducing various key lever - type bar mechanisms and a discussion of how they work.  This is necessary for general information, and greatly expands upon any such discussion in any general repair manual we have here.  Also noted, as an aside, that the website pages on GeoCities are over 2540 discrete page views in one week.  That's getting to be a pretty big number -- although we do have a lot of pages online (over 180!)
2006-12-11 03:06:39 GMT
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Can you maybe add how to get typewriters to detach from the bottom of the carrying case? Thanks
2007-01-15 03:47:11 GMT
Today, I purchased a Cole Steel (pink) that I believe is "4" series as it has the ribbon selector on the right side in front of the carriage. Can you tell me where to look for the series number? Also on the platen knob there is a metal band that has 2 red squares and one red triangle cut out. Also a red triangle outline on the pink metal just in front of the carriage release. Can you tell me what these are for? No book was included..any idea where I could find one? Thanks
2007-01-21 04:38:41 GMT
Hi, Will--

Didn't see a direct e-mail link, so am dropping a note to you via your blog. Apologies my comment is not directed to a posting. I just wanted to commend and thank you for your find site on portable typewriters. It is a joy to read (and explore!). A long time lover of typewriters, I only recently discovered your site and thoroughly enjoying reading about so many portables I never knew. What a treat for me. Great job and I hope you continue to keep up the great work.

Best regards,
Jim Wolken
Boston, MA
2007-02-04 00:32:21 GMT
Thanks very much, Jim; it's a labor of love around here and we DO work hard at it all the time. Check the newest blog entries for new site updates!
--Will Davis
2007-05-06 23:22:14 GMT