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Entry for December 6, 2006

The first two pages of our NEW project, the Online Typewriter Repair Manual, are up today.  You will find on my Quick Index page (http://www.geocities.com/wbd641/Quick.html) a new link to a support page.  It looks like a smiley-face gear.  Use that link to get to ALL of our online support for actual typists who USE rather than LOOK AT their machines.  We have great hopes for this section, and it's really just taking off; check it out.

Just a site news note here; the overall site on Geocities (that includes typewriters, locomotives and everything else) continues to experience good traffic with up to 480 separate page views in a given day.  The European machines also continue to move up in page hits, albeit slowly. 

We also have at this time a new COLLABORATIVE FEATURE with Richard Polt and ETCetera, concerning the Burroughs typewriter.  This machine is featured in the December ETCetera magazine, and with Richard's permission we have a supportive feature about to go online.  Look for the link to that to appear on my index page for Antique Typewriters in the next day or so.

2006-12-06 21:26:34 GMT