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Keychopping roots (June 29 2006)

This last week, a girl at work overheard my boss and I talking about the keychopping phenomenon just after our morning meeting.  I said something like "we're all wondering just where this phenomenon comes from -- I mean, not just a 'who buys this' kind of thing but a 'how did this start' thing too..."

"Beads."  I know her to be pretty astute, so not minding her interruption I said typically "what?"  "Beads," she said; "You've seen those letter beads that little girls buy in all kinds of colors and shapes and string onto necklaces and bracelets and make charms and all that stuff?  Sounds like what you're talking about is kind of a grown-up version, except it isn't REALLY grown up since most of us get over that crap and move on to things like GOLD !"

I think she's right on target.  Heck, look at what you find on these keytop things -- words like "FRIENDS" or "HOPE" or some such overly sentimentally adolescent crap.  Or longer ones... you know, things like "SAVE R PLANET" which came off a couple or three machines which, when keychopped, got tossed in a LAND FILL.

So she's right; it's kind of bead jewelry 201, this keychopping and jewelry making thing -- which means that given the average maturity of today's generation it ain't likely to go away soon. 

2006-06-29 20:49:57 GMT
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If she's right, maybe there's hope after all. The maturity level of today's generation is indeed abysmal, but look on the bright side: their ATTENTION span can generally be measured in nanoseconds. We can at least hope they'll lose interest soon and move on to the next 'fad de jour'.
--Kate McCullugh
2006-06-30 21:35:13 GMT