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Entry for November 22, 2006
HAPPY THANKSGIVING!  For those wishing to take a short break from holiday hullabaloo I've made two side additions today, both to the European Typewriter Project site.  Our OLIVETTI M40 standard has been added to the appropriate page, but much more in-depth is our coverage of the late-model STOEWER RECORD (German) on the page I actually just built yesterday for this brand.  Lots of pictures and details of this rather unusual machine; check it out.  BTW, this makes 413 machines on that site.  Have a great holiday!
2006-11-22 23:29:10 GMT
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Mr. Davis;
First I would like to thank you for your wonerfull sites, about portables. I very much enjoy doing research or just browsing.
Sadly, I have to report that my phishing filter says that your site is a phishing site. I know this is wrong and you may want to cannect MSN and challange this erroniuos labelling of your site.
--David A. Sweetapple
2006-11-25 19:11:36 GMT