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Another page; European Typewriters
A page on the STOEWER has been added at the European Typewriter Project site.  Use the main page map, then go to Germany and follow the link to the page for machines beginning with S, T and U and you'll find the new page on Stoewer standards and portables.  We expect to add our own Stoewer to that page tomorrow nite, after I photograph it.
2006-11-22 02:27:56 GMT
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Hi Will,

First of all, many thanks for all the wonderful contents you have provided to us collectors. I'm a collector from Shanghai, China. Over the past three years I have managed to collect approx. 30 typewriters most of them are pre-1949 (here industrial antiques are roughly dated by pre or post 1949, the year communists took over the country.)

Typewriter collectors are rarely heard of, even those antique shop owners couldn't help chuckling everytime i walk in/out their shops because I see nothing but typewriters. Nowadays they are harder to find. $200 one machine for those collect-worthy ones. But still, they are very very hard to find.

Im want to ask: 1)is there any referenc website where I could be lectured on different fonts, 2)since when fonts other than PICA/ELITE were used?

it seems to me that those european makes have better typing effects, i.e. other than the feeling of using the machines, the "printouts"are more important, isn't it? US models however don't score as high as their european competitors. Types on Royal, Remington models, without exception, are not neat after decades of years. You have any comments on that?

Really hope to keep in contact with you

My email & MSN: bry25an@yahoo.com

2007-02-16 06:13:14 GMT