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Entry for November 21, 2006

New articles on the Betz Visible and on the Demountable placed on my site and announced in the TYPEWRITERS and HISTORICHESBUERO forums today.. but there's one more item I'll announce here.  The page on the WILLIAMS now includes solid information that the Williams Typewriter Company was actually reorganized as the Secor Typewriter Company.  The Secor was one of those early "also-ran" unsuccessful frontstrikes, and in most places you'll read that the machine's only real interest for collectors is that it was built in the Williams factory.  Yes, it was, but now we have proof that this wasn't just contract building (like the early Daugherty built in limited numbers in the Crandall company's plant before Daugherty built his OWN plant elsewhere) but rather a direct lineage, even to the point of proof that Williams was developing the frontstrike under its own auspices before the company failed and was reorganized. 

Anyway -- Happy Thanksgiving to all of my friends, and readers.  There may even be some more new content on the site BEFORE the imminent holiday so keep looking HERE for that announcement.

2006-11-21 22:52:27 GMT