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Entry for November 8, 2006

Made a number of website additions over the last two days, and some minor changes to reflect new information in various articles.  Added are our new Smith Premier 60, and information revealed by it; the rebuilt Rex Visible from our workshop pages is also on the first page of the Harris Visible / Rex / Demountable / National / Portex article.  I also made some additions to the various Smith Premier and L.C. Smith pages -- you know, there are at least two sites out there that still cross link these manufacturers.  Only the owners were the same -- they were however completely different companies, with not one dollar of the same money, and manufactured products that competed with each other.  Do not confuse them!  Look at the Smith Premier section for a new diagrammatic flow chart that shows the corporate relationships clearly.

Driving out next week to get a machine we won on e-Bay; you might have seen it.  Don't worry if you didn't, though -- you will soon enough!

2006-11-08 23:47:07 GMT
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You must be referring to the "Betz." I have searched through Adler and Lipmann and Beeching and Rehr, I have googled and even Asked Jeeves and I can find NO reference to this machine! I am SO glad it fell into the right hands :)
--Lynda Beckler
2006-11-09 21:47:16 GMT