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BURNETT on e-Bay (ends June 30 2006)

Right now there is an exceedingly rare BURNETT typewriter on e-Bay, and it would seem as if there might be some question as to the authenticity of the listing, or the scruples of the seller.

In fact, I was contacted first by the seller's daughter on June 17th as to the nature and history of this machine.  On the 21st of June, the actual owner contacted me with pictures.  I requested more pictures for the purpose of placing them on my site (the Burnett's too rich for my blood) and was given permission to do so within the next three days.

In the course of events, it seems that some behind-the-scenes activity caused the owner to place the machine on e-Bay rather than allow people to try to win her over personally via e-mail which naturally is the proper course of action.  "Let 'em duke it out on e-Bay then" I said.  The description on the auction is actually cut and pasted from one of my numerous e-mails to the owner and her daughter.

Now you have the facts.

2006-06-28 17:11:21 GMT