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Entry for August 27, 2006

The next machine for the Davis Typewriter Works is in the shop, and it's an interesting one.  It is a MONARCH No. 3, and is the first one I've seen lettered like this.  As you may know, on my site you can see my Monarch No. 2, which carries labeling like the vast majority of Monarch machines you'll see.  Below that is Tilman Elster's Monarch No. 3, which was made after production was moved to the Remington Typewriter Company's Ilion, New York factory.  The machine we have here is a transitional one between these two.  It now appears that Monarch's absorption into Remington began as early as 1909, when its offices were moved from the factory in Syracuse, N.Y. to 320 Broadway, New York City; production of the actual typewriter was moved to Remington's factory in 1914.  Our machine, with a serial in the 107,000 range, says MONARCH in large letters on its paper table, but right below that says "Remington Typewriter Company."  On the front, with a large "3" either side, is (upper line) The Monarch Typewriter, and (lower line) Made at Syracuse, NY, USA.  On the rear of the machine is only the large name MONARCH.  Formerly, on the rear the machines stated "Monarch Typewriter Company," and in fact that name appears nowhere.  The round emblem on the paper table remains the Monarch Visible emblem, and NOT the red Remington emblem, however; and the front of the typewriter says nothing where the earlier machines have the decal "Monarch Visible."  As I said, this is the first one I've seen like this, and represents that period 1909-1914 when the offices were in New York, and there likely was no real separate Monarch executive hierarchy, but prior to manufacture of the machine being removed from Syracuse to Ilion. 

ANYWAY, the machine has a cracked frame and a host of small mechanical problems, a couple of which we actually have investigated prior to any photos -- but I'll go into detail on that on the site.  Avid serial number collectors can check there for complete visual labeling details and the exact serial number for their records...  I might have a shot up there tomorrow.

2006-08-28 01:57:51 GMT
Comments (3 total)
Will, your blog indicates that there are photos of the Monarch 3, but I don't see them. How do I access the photos?
--Marty Rice
2006-08-29 15:57:05 GMT
Marty, I'll have the shots on the TYPEWRITER WORKS pages today. Spent most of yesterday working on an entirely separate, new project and didn't get the shots up.
--Will Davis
2006-08-30 16:46:12 GMT
Dear Sir I own a Remington Monarch 3 in all original condition which is in excellent condition. It has not been used in years by the look of it but i expect it will be in full working order with a good cleaning and a little maintenance work. The only real thing that needs touching up is the paint in the three sections on the front and two sides. This flaked off whilst in my storage unit where it sat for a few years. It can easily be repainted to look good again. This does not detract from the original condition that this machine is in. All it seems to need is a bit of tender loving care to bring it back to a functional working machine. There are no cracks or scratches any where on the machine and the labels are in very god condition. I would like to know the value of a machine of this age and quality as i do not know the collect-ability or rarity of this model. This machine is available for purchase for a reasonable market value cost to the right person or museum. Open to offers.
--Trevor Samuels
2007-11-27 09:41:34 GMT