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Entry for August 23, 2006
Yesterday, we did a bunch of work on the Woodstock Electrite in the shop (we will discover the results of the weld later today) and I had a devil of a time.  You see, my tools are located in any one of four boxes, and I was constantly trying to find this or that.  Dave has a big three-drawer (with upper lidded section) toolbox and was able to hand me whatever I needed from there.  Problem is that later I got ALL my tools out and found I really did have everything I needed, but that it was buried.  So, portability is OUT, and I'm about to drive out right now to get a duplicate toolbox.  (But in a different color.)  This makes me think that the upcoming site section on typewriter repair will include a general introduction on tools and shop practice, and I've asked Dave to write it already.  We'll see; more later today on that Woodstock Electrite.
2006-08-23 15:40:31 GMT