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Entry for August 17, 2006

Just a quick note here to announce that the heavy repairs shown on my "Will's Typewriter Workbench" site vis a vis the Rex Visible No. 4 are completed.   The machine is completely reassembled, is far more operational than anyone had thought possible when we started, and is actually going to be put in-line to go over to Craig's (that's Your Typewriter & Computer, of North Olmsted Ohio) for further work.  Not sure what to do about the ribbon vibrator, but luckily the original carriage clip for the drawband is still there (Dave spotted that one) and that makes creating a new band all that much easier.  I hope.  (You reading this, Craig?  Dan?  Hello?)  These guys did a MONSTER job on my father's Harris Visible No. 4, and I hope they can get a bit more life out of this Rex.

Not too sure what will be next; we have a couple of machines that need some work.  For starters, there's an Imperial 50 (that's a British-made standard four-bank typewriter with quickly removable carriage and type-unit, kind of like a Reliance) with one foot broken off; that will probably get the J-B Weld and be done with as it's otherwise a beauty.  (Can't say enough about that J-B Weld, folks -- really awesome stuff.)  There's also a Woodstock Electrite that we bought already knowing that the front frame was cracked off, but we actually aren't too worried about that one. 

There's a story -- you see, I spotted a machine on e-Bay showing the keyboard and a bit of surrounding area, advertising the keytops.  I spotted, in the upper right corner, what looked like part of a motor housing -- and the seller had said it was a Woodstock machine.  I wrote them and asked if they wouldn't please consider re-listing the machine, or changing the listing, to show the whole machine and maybe even offer the whole thing for sale.  They did so gladly, although they mentioned the front frame was busted off.  I asked if they could find it.  They did, and I bid on and won the machine.  The sellers taped the front frame member in place, just as I'd asked, so that the key levers wouldn't get damaged in shipping, and the thing showed up just fine.  That might be the next WORKBENCH project.. so stay tuned.

2006-08-18 01:01:40 GMT