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Entry for August 9, 2006

Yesterday evening, we finally applied the weld material to the machines seen on my "Workbench" page.  It's been extremely hot and humid here lately, and we waited until it was cooler and dryer so that the J-B Weld wouldn't tend to run.  I think we got 'em now.

Work continues on the rebuilding of my Antique Typewriters by Will Davis website, and it should re-open pretty soon.  It will re-open unfinished, with some additions to be made yet, but that should be no problem.  Heck, I add to all my sites all the time (and in fact have added a couple things to the European Typewriter Project site recently too.)

Expansion of the well-known HARRIS VISIBLE article is also in progress, since it includes the related NATIONAL / PORTEX and DEMOUNTABLE machines.  It will be retitled on the index pages (or perhaps subtitled) when this is finished.  This was triggered by our acquisition of both a Demountable No. 2 and a Portex No. 5.  The usual band of highly dedicated collectors has been contacted yet again for this effort; this group, comprising some of the best-known and most accomplished collectors worldwide, helped to create many sections on my websites -- including the Harris and Barr articles.  Certainly high hopes here for another top-flight job.

There is also a PILE of machines waiting to be reconditoned and tested, as well as photographed, for inclusion in the new, large article on Visible Writing machines.  It certainly looks like it's going to run through the time when (argh) the snow begins...and yes, it's only early August!

2006-08-09 15:19:07 GMT