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Entry for August 1, 2006 / BUSY time

Really been neglecting this thing since I got SO busy, but I'm back.  There has been a large to-do on my forum, which seems quieted down now, and so I've gotten back into typewriters and away from administrative functions!

Today, my father and I had the great pleasure of interviewing Mr. George Baker, owner of Baker Office Equipment Company, Elyria, Ohio.  The firm is going out of business .. is already closed.. but we were granted access to interview him.  And what a congenial gentleman he was!  We intended to only be there a short while but ended up staying and talking SO long that Mrs. Baker realized she was quite late for her hair appointment.  George Baker got into the typewriter business in 1932, and really has some history and a wealth of knowledge.  (He also served in the 749th Tank Battalion in the Second World War, which landed at Normandy and fought all the way to Czechoslovakia and met up with the Soviet forces, then moved on up to Germany at the very end of the conflict.) 

The information obtained from him (and, YES, some good hard-copy dealer paperwork too) will appear in two ways.  Heck, I don't sit on this stuff -- I pass it along.  The interview will eventually appear in ETCetera, and the other information will be included on my website in the proper and varied places dictated by its nature.  And -- there's a good deal of it. 

More tomorrow... I think much more.

2006-08-02 01:53:39 GMT