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Antique Typewriter Site down
Programming note for my websites:  A large part of my site ANTIQUE TYPEWRITERS BY WILL DAVIS is, indeed closed for the time being and is under reconstruction.  Please plan ahead and select an alternate route to typewriter enjoyment; we apologize for any inconveniences.  We hope to have it re-opened soon in a Mk. I version with additions to be made frequently,  soon after such reopening,  to prevent too much impact.  I think what reappears will not only make more sense but will give readers a new perspective on a forgotten slice of typewriter history, at least in terms of mechanical development, variety and ingenuity.   Oh, and a glimpse of the actual use of ALL THE MACHINES FEATURED ON THE WEBSITE THROUGH ACTUAL WORK PERFORMED ON REBUILT MACHINES CERTIFIED FOR FULL OPERABILITY.   (THERE is the big part, folks, and we're NOT kidding.)
2006-07-07 23:59:17 GMT