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Entry for June 28, 2006

Well, I finally did it -- I added a blog to my site.  I've done this for a number of reasons, but the primary one is to allow me to keep my PORTABLE TYPEWRITER FORUM clear of site news that isn't related to portable typewriters.  You see, I'm branching out in my collecting and research, into areas that are absolutely ... well ... non-portable.  That means that new website announcements may not necessarily be of interest to the majority of members in said aforementioned forum.

In point of fact, it's really hard for me to find, or hear, anything in the universe of portable typewriters that surprises me any more.  Yes, I'm still after that "should have bought it" blue OPTIMA portable I passed on very early in my collecting, but as far as finding machines either on the internet or in the field that I cannot identify....  well, frankly that doesn't happen at all these days and my interests are moving elsewhere.  We can probably thank Richard Polt for this, or in some people's cases curse him (but I got him back by turning him on to some portables so we're all a little corrupted, aren't we?) but as of now I'm finding a vast unexplored universe in much older, standard typewriters.

Hence this blog.  I'll use this to relate site news and current collecting events.  There are plenty of both that I'll be adding on here over time.  I might even vent or, dare I say, rant on here once in a while too.  We'll see.

2006-06-28 16:37:53 GMT